about me
"Jannike has a unique talent to use aesthetics
to enable communication in a simple but powerful manner.
Her skill set is founded in an artistic way of expressing visual communication,
ranging from branding to specific visual components.
She is dedicated to shape a calculated and responsible
user experience, regardless of the interface." - Johan Frentz

Jannike Johansson,
Senior Digital Designer
& Art Director based in Stockholm.

I’m a creative pixel perfectionist with a passion for usability. Since I have a very broad area of expertise, it's difficult to choose a favorite field, but if it's something I'm extra passionate about, it would be the construction of a whole brand, where the road to the final product is characterized by everything from target group analysis (where all decisions can be motivated with facts), so that the end user's experience is not only positive, but also aligns with established business goals. In order to achieve the best design decisions, I consider it necessary to be able to answer questions such as; "What's the objective?” "Who’s the recipient?" and "What do we want to say?" With these answers, the design process almost falls naturally.

During my work life, I’ve worked with everything from gaming companies to Sweden's largest media house. Today, I run my business with partners who are at the forefront of their respective areas of expertise. Throw me a line at info@bykira.com and let’s talk about what we can do for each other!